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We guarantee accurate, objective, impartial, confidential BEE verification

We guarantee accuracy in calculating the BEE score of a measured entity by using sophisticated and verified software, a prescribed checklist and methodology for evaluating evidence, competent staff to apply it and Compliance Managers who perform a final quality assurance before the BEE score is allocated. We guarantee confidentiality regarding submitted client evidence by taking utmost care that the evidence is not disclosed to any third party. We guarantee impartiality by being independent, free from bias, not subject to prejudice and being fair. We achieve this impartial attitude by submitting all our staff to the governance of SANAS, The DTI, The BEE Council and to the rules stipulated in the BEEE Codes of Good Practice. We cherish this impartial attitude to ensure that the output of our actions provides confidence to our clients and the market. We do not succumb to intimidation, coercion or bribery. We guarantee objectivity by maintaining an open mind free from conflict of interest when verifying evidence so that the client is awarded a correct BEE score for which evidence is available.

Our System is Honest

Please refer to the Handling Complaints Procedure P05 and Handling Appeals Procedure P16 where assurance is given that a client can exercise sufficient right where it is felt that BEE Verification Agency CC did not deliver as contracted or being non-compliant to SANAS R47.